Story: Hoffner and his Elf

Written by: BigWig69 I was lying in bed next to Hoffner. He had just finished making sweet love to me and I was lying on his silver haired chest, slowly and softly, licking his soft pink nipples. Our legs were entwined, his large, powerful hand, caressing and squeezing my balls. We had been seeing a…

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Gay Santa retires after 30 years

A gay Santa is retiring after 30 years of impersonating the most famous North Pole resident, and he is donating his family collection of Santa suits to a historical society where they will appear alongside archives of his LGBT+ activism. Leo Treadway, 76, is an AIDS and LGBT+ activist, a mental health counsellor, a church…

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Gay Christmas Movies Could Be Coming to the Hallmark Channel

Written by NICO LANG If you thought Last Christmas would have been improved if both leads were played by Henry Golding (kinky!), then the Hallmark Channel has some good news for you. Gay Christmas movies could soon be headed to a small screen near you. According to Hallmark Channel CEO Bill Abbott, the network is…

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