Grindr to Be Sold for $608 Million to Secret Group of Investors

Grindr, the gay dating app that most of us love to hate, is set to be sold for a cool $608 million according to new reports. The sale, comes right ahead of a June 2020 deadline set by the U.S government for the company. According to Reuters, Beijing Kunlun Tech Co Ltd, which first bought a…

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Grindr makes moves to try and protect users in anti-LGBTQ countries

Unsending messages and preventing screenshots are just some of the measures. Grindr has announced new security measures in order to protect users who are using the app in countries which are hostile toward the LGBTQ community. Some of the new security features allow people to unsend messages, which will allow them to remove all traces…

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Ex-Grindr employees expose dark side of world’s largest gay hookup app

Following the sale of Grindr to Chinese tech company Kunlun in 2018, concerns over users’ security have grown and even resulted in the US government demanding the app be sold back to an American buyer by June 2020. But former employees of the world’s largest gay hookup app suspect the Chinese government has already taken…

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Grindr Quotes That Are A Turnoff!

As accepting as we gays try to be, or not, we all have our pet peeves and for some reason a lot of these peeves are realized when speaking to individuals online. Grindr definitely does not fall short of that. Some blame it on the digital era, saying that we as individuals have forgotten how…

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