LGBTQ People Especially at Risk for COVID-19, Say 100+ Organizations

Hoping to reach health officials dealing with COVID-19, as well as journalists covering the newly declared pandemic, over 100 organizations signed an open letter highlighting the disease’s increase risk to LGBTQ people. The letter’s initial signers were the National LGBT Cancer Network, GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBTQ Equality, Whitman-Walker Health, SAGE, New York Transgender Advocacy Group,…

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Adam Castillejo: Cured of HIV

Adam Castillejo wants to be an “ambassador of hope” for those living with HIV. The second person in history to be ‘cured’ of HIV has revealed their identity. Adam Castillejo, from London, was declared free of the virus last year, 18 months after stopping antiretroviral therapy to receive a bone marrow transplant from a donor…

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CBS fires reporter over false HIV claim

CBS has announced the network has fired a New York reporter for passing on false information about HIV/AIDS in a recent story. The unnamed reporter published a story and social media posts in December regarding an attack by an HIV-positive man on a police officer. The story claimed that by spitting on the officer, the…

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Scientists have discovered a new strain of HIV

The subtype is the first to be officially discovered since guidelines for classifying HIV subtypes were published in 2000, and has taken experts several years to pinpoint. The first two examples of the new strain were discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1983 and 1990. But in order for scientists to declare it…

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