What is Sexuality?

Everybody has a sexuality, it is a central part of who we are. It is made up of a few different things, such as; your sex, gender identity and roles, sexual orientation, pleasure, intimacy and reproduction. People can express their sexuality in their thoughts, desires, attitudes, behaviours, practice, roles and relationships. Sexuality is influenced by…

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OOP: Perez Hilton banned son from dance class so he doesnt become gay

While tremendous efforts are being made around the world, or within North America, to ensure that children are being raised with freedom of expression and endless opportunities to find their true selves, it seems Perez Hilton has another plan in mind for his Son. Perez Hilton has revealed that he won’t let his five-year-old son…

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Drag Race’s Eureka O’Hara Opens Up About Her Gender Identity

Eureka O’Hara recently opened up in an interview with the interview series, LGBTQ&A, a weekly podcast that documents modern queer and trans history. Eureka O’Hara’s gender is an evolving thing. Before appearing on Seasons 9 and 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, O’Hara lived as trans woman for a number of years, ultimately realizing that that…

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NCAA Champ Booted For Being Gay

As progressive as we would like to believe our world has become, we are met with another story of an individual facing repercussions for their sexuality. This time, two-time NCAA champion swimmer Abrahm DeVine has filed charges against his former Stanford University swimming coaches, claiming they kicked him off the team because he is gay….

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D. Razumilov: The Man Who Became Gay Because Of His Iphone

A Russian man identified as D. Razumilov has filed lawsuit for moral suffering and harm to mental health as he claims his iPhone hoaxed him into downloading an app that made him gay. According to The Moscow Times, it all began when Razmuliov received a payment of 69 GayCoins (a form of cryptocurrency) on his…

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