“TRIXX ARENT FOR KIDS” by Ashland Thomas

PHOTOGRAPHER: Ashland ThomasMODEL: Stevie Trixx

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Canadian province ordered to pay $50,000 to trans person

The Canadian province of Manitoba has been ordered to pay $50,000 to a transgender person who was denied the right to have the gender marker on their birth certificate replaced with an “X”. The Manitoba government has also been ordered to start offering non-binary sex designations on its birth certificates going forward. The anonymous person,…

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Identical twins transition into males after coming out as transgender

Identical twins who were born girls have become brothers after they both came out as transgender and transitioned to male. Jack and Jace Grafe, 23, were born Jaclyn and Jennifer in June 1995 and raised in a conservative Christian home in Baltimore, Maryland, however, they never felt truly comfortable. As children, the twins cried themselves…

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